Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thing #10- Digital Images

Q1- The Search is ON!

Some images you like and want to use are protected by copyright laws.  It is important for you to respect the work of others, so it is important to choose the right image. (from the 21Things website)

To avoid plagiarism when getting photos:

Avoid photos with this symbol: (it stands for copyright!)
Copyright 2 
You could also receive a notification that "Images May be Subject to Copyright" if you do a search for images on the internet. This often happens when you use Google to search for an image. In that case, you must assume it is copyright protected unless you are able to visit the website the image came from to see if the owner is granting permission for use. If you do use Google, try going to Google Advanced Image Search and select the correct "usage rights" below the drop down arrow for the kind of image you want to use. The image below shows the permission level you would need to use. 

 (from the 21Things website)

You may even see a Creative Commons license like this one: 
Creative Commons
Here is an image that I found on google that is free to use:

(Yes, I love chickens)

stop sign What should you do if you find an inappropriate picture on the internet?

You should...

  1. Turn off your monitor and don't make it a big scene and show your neighbor
  2. Then find a teacher so that they can report the image

Here is the properties of the picture of chickens above:

As you can see this is a format called: JPEG 

JPEG is a commonly used format for pictures that can be put almost anywhere.

Here is a citation from bibme for this picture:

Unknown. Chickens. 2010. Desktop, Coloma.

During this quest it asked me to create a Creative Commons license for this image as seen below:

Q2- Image Magic

Using I was able to edit my previous photo:

It looks like a whole new photo doesn't it!

Here is the citation and Creative Commons License for the after image:

Chickens from Mars, FotoFlex. Personal photograph by author. 2016.

Creative Commons License
Chickens After Blue by CaleighMarie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at N/A.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at N/A.

Q3- The Science Mythbusters

For this quest I will be choosing a myth (an idea that is held to be true but is false) and do research to prove or disprove the myth. 

I am disproving the myth that air and oxygen are the same thing.

Air is actually a combination of the following gases:

nitrogen (N2)78.084
oxygen (O2)20.946
argon (Ar)0.934
neon (Ne)0.0018
helium (He)0.000524
methane (CH4)0.0002
krypton (Kr)0.000114
hydrogen (H2)0.00005
nitrous oxide (N2O)0.00005
xenon (Xe)
So oxygen is about only 21% of earth's air. Keep in mind that this is clean air, not including pollution.

A kite takes flight on a windy day.


"Air." Britannica School. Michigan ELibrary, n.d. Web. 28 Apr. 2016.
A Kite Takes Flight on a Windy Day. N.d. MeL, Http://

Now using Google Slides I was able to create a slideshow of my facts disproving this particular myth.

You can see my presentation by clicking here.

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