Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Thing #2- Visual Learning

Today I created a graphic organizer to visually organize a plan for a fund raiser.
As you can see, these can get very complex 
When you are doing a graphic such as one from popplet, you must ask the questions:

Who?Why?When?Where?How? and What? If you have seen the movie, Master of Disguise, then this concept will be unforgettable. 

Next, I made a graphic organizer on Roller Coasters and Water Rides at Cedar Point. I ranked them the top 5 Scariest, the top 3 kid friendly, and the top 5 Wet rides. 

The next thing we learned about was a Quick Response Code or a QR code. These can easily help you direct a mobile device (usually anything with a camera on it) to the website of its choosing. Just keep in mind that some QR codes don't go to website, some go to a picture or a note.

For my Quest I had to find one of the most sought after things by teens nowadays. One item that I find most popular and sought after in my friend circles is called a FitBit. It has the ability to track you step, blood pressure, and sleeping patterns. It also comes with an app for easy use. Here is a picture of a FitBit Charge HR; the FitBit I am going to purchase:

And here is the QR code that I made that directs you to the FitBit website giving a picture, description, uses, price, and an option to buy it. 
And that concludes Thing #2

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  1. Nice thorough dialogue. I was able to follow everything and you did a great job!