Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thing #8- Troubleshooting

Q1- Murphy's Law

During this quest I was able to create a flow chart on Basic Troubleshooting, Avoiding malware, and Antivirus Software. Here is what it looks like:

Q2- Now What?

Problem 1 - Murphy pushes the power button on her computer and nothing happens. List all of the possibilities in flow chart form on how she would troubleshoot the problem.

Problem 2 - Murphy launches her Internet browser and sees a message that tells her, "The Page Cannot Be Found". In addition, you notice that you can't get to any of your network hard drives. List all of the possibilities in flow chart form and how she would troubleshoot the problem.

Problem 3 - Over the past few days Murphy has noticed that her computer is starting to run very slowly, web pages are either not loading or she is being taken to a website that she did not intend to go to. In addition, she has been seeing pop-up boxes telling you that her computer may be infected. List the possibilities of what is wrong in flowchart form, and describe the steps you would take to eliminate the problem.

Q3- Safe?

Here is a list of simple ways to defend against hackers and exploiters in the age of technology:

Subtopic: Shopping

1: Ask how they will protect your information
2: Only buy from people and places you trust
3: Avoid online shopping if you can help it

Subtopic: Identity

1: Don't post your personal info online
2: Set up high standard privacy settings
3: Change your passwords regularly

Subtopic: Basics

1: Don't give out your personal info
2: Delete unused accounts
3: Update your computer and it's software
4: Download a anti-virus and malware software

Q4- Trouble

Here are 10 issues that you may come across:

  1. Won't turn on
  2. Shows error message
  3. Frequent pop-ups
  4. Spam emails
  5. Battery drains quickly
  6. Generally slow
  7. Won't connect to the internet
  8. Camera light turns on without opening camera
  9. Unwanted websites pop-up
  10. Setting configured for you
View the next blog post for troubleshooting tips!

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