Monday, April 18, 2016

Thing #5- Digital Footprint

Q1- Three R's

After looking through some inspiring videos about a digital footprint I have come up with 7 ways to keep you safe from your own internet usage.

#1- Do not comment, share, like tweet, or click on anything you would like to be represented by. It is very easy to Google your name and it to come up on a website you didn't want there.
#2- Don't have a gajillion email addresses. Keep it reasonable.
#3- USE PRIVACY SETTINGS!!!!! Anybody can also very easily look you up on Facebook and find out where you live, your phone number, your age, which is very easily accessed by predators.
#4- Create a document with passwords. This is good for bad memory and Googlers alike.
#5- Be careful of what you post, tweet, in other words put on the internet. It looks a lot like #1 and it is for the same reasons as well.
#6- Use a digital tool like to keep up on your digital footprint.
#7- Google yourself. You need to know what out there about you.

Here is a list of websites that I use frequently:

Then I separated them into groups and put them in a footprint to visually show my digital footprint. Here is a picture of what it looked like when it was finished: (I put school websites in purple, social media in red, and entertainment in blue)


During the following 4 days (4-20-16 to 2-23-16) I will be documenting my technology usage. When my trial is finished I will then add it in this post.


During the following 4 days (4-20-16 to 2-23-16) I will be documenting my social media usage. When my trial is finished I will then add it in this post.

Q2- Footwork

Here is a of my digital footprint:

Q3- Your Evolving Footprint

My Digital Footprint began when I started my Pinterest and Ravelry accounts. This is due to the fact that I used my full name. I then Google my name and hometown and received the following information:

I found that when searching for a real footprint it only shows the runs that I have completing but off the books it shows all of the social media accounts among other accounts that I have ever created. If they only had this information they may come to the conclusion that I am a former runner who like to share pictures of her chickens. This says that I like to stay connected and I love my chickens. 

Q4- Web Presence

During this quest we learned that it is important to keep a professional web presence. This is what a web presence means: 

Once you have posted on the web, you now have an internet presence. This cannot be deleted as there will always be a digital trace which can be found by various searching techniques.

Our task for this quest was to create a web presence for my class that is professional and can teach other how to be more tech savvy. Due to the fact that I am the only student in my class I will must use this blog! I hope you are enjoying it so far!!

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