Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Thing #1- Basics Continued

Today I learned that various typing skills are important for getting certain jobs or just making life easier. I took a free typing test at typingtest.com and I scored in the average range at 44. I would like to improve my typing speed to 50 in the fluent range so that my everyday school life becomes easier.

My current best score is: 44

Update: 54 as of 11:17am on 4/12/16

Also I learned about the use of an AUP in a school setting. Getting to know this document is very crucial when using a school private internet and computer systems. I started this quest my getting to know my school's AUP or as they call it, their Privacy Policy. You can find a link to it here. Three main points that the Privacy Policy states are as follows:

  1. They will disclose any personal information about any and all students unless consented by a parent or guardian. 
  2. Any personal information that you enter will not be saved such as on an online form, registration, or in a online transaction. And by no means will any credit card info be saved.
  3. Anything posted must be though of as public if no password is there to protect it.  

Judgment Call:

Your best friend asks for your password to log into your social network site for just a minute so they can check out something they heard about. What would you say? 
That in the Privacy Policy it says that we should give out passwords even for something small such as that. 
Would you create a password that is or sounds inappropriate or one that tries to get attention from others?
Have you seen someone do something that seems stupid to you and you immediately send a text message to others about it?

Today I learned that I should give my password out to anyone. Well, my parent or guardian can have (and probably should!) a copy of your password. Passwords keep your personal information away from people who can exploit it. You wear clothes don't you? Well I wear clothes to protect myself from others so why would you protect things that are also important such as yourself?

Here is a presentation I put together on Email Safety. 

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