Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thing #16- Career Prep

Start by watching this intro video on Hatching Your Career Plan here.

Q1- Game of Life

This is a really cool game about how you would do in the "real" world. I didn't do so well....

Q2- Who are You?

I took a Holland Codes quiz and I found out that I am an Investigative and Artistic person.

Here is a wordle I made to represent myself:
Q3- Career Match

My top 3 career clusters:

Arts and Communication
Science, Technology, and Engineering
Marketing, Sales, and Service

Here is a presentation for my Career Matches that I made using Google Slides. It shows clearly show what career paths I am interested in and the specs of those positions.

Q4- Promote Yourself

I will be posting a copy of my resume after revision.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thing #15- Hands On-Line

         You are thinking about taking a class, but there are three different ways to take it: you can go to class every day, take a hybrid class (part online, part in class), or take a completely online class. You’re tempted to take the online class, but is it the right fit for you? Read the following quests to see which one is right for you. (finally an intro!)

Q1- Self Assessment

You should watch this cool video to fully understand the pros and cons of taking classe online and in a classroom:  Michigan Virtual High School

You should also take this 20 question quiz to find out what type of learner you are. This way it can help you learn easier along with a lot of other cool things. Click show me the Tacos.

Show me the Tacos!!

When I took this quiz, I found out that I am mainly an auditory learner but I am also a tactile learner. Here is the description for an auditory learner:


If you are an auditory learner, you learn by hearing and listening. You understand and remember things you have heard. You store information by the way it sounds, and you have an easier time understanding spoken instructions than written ones. You often learn by reading out loud because you have to hear it or speak it in order to know it.
As an auditory learner, you probably hum or talk to yourself or others if you become bored. People may think you are not paying attention, even though you may be hearing and understanding everything being said.
Here are some things that auditory learners like you can do to learn better.
  • Sit where you can hear.
  • Have your hearing checked on a regular basis.
  • Use flashcards to learn new words; read them out loud.
  • Read stories, assignments, or directions out loud.
  • Record yourself spelling words and then listen to the recording.
  • Have test questions read to you out loud.
  • Study new material by reading it out loud.
Remember that you need to hear things, not just see things, in order to learn well.

Here are a few more quizzes to see if you are ready to be an online learner. When I took them, I found out that I am extremely ready. (All my classes are online, go figure)

Q2- Gathering Evidence
What are the benefits?
What things were difficult for the students?

See what they have to say about their online 
learning experiences.

     I have been an online learner for around 2-3 years. I really enjoy online learning because you get to go at your own pace to really grasp the material being taught. Although online learning is not for everybody. If you have trouble motivating yourself or if you need someone to tell you exactly what to do everyday and you can't plan it for yourself, online learning might not be for you. Actually I can tell you right now that it is not for you. Right now I am taking 6 online courses through Berrien Springs Parent Partnership for homeschoolers. I really enjoy having everything in one place and seeing exactly what I have to do today and what my teachers expect of me. 

     Also please keep in mind that you need 'self-motivation' to be an online learner. What I mean by this is that you have to be able to get up everyday and get your work done and stay on task throughout your day to get your stuff done. Like for instance, my brother and I both online homeschool, but everyday I usually finish hours before he does. We have the same amount of work but it is hard for him to stay focused on his work. For this fact alone it can take him a couple hours to complete an assignment that would take me 30 minutes. Please note that I do note write this to degrade him, because I love my brother, but it is just fact.

Q3- Reflection

Click the following link for my reflection:

Q4- Skill Check

Check you technology skills by clicking your grade level!
k2skills     35skills   68skills    912skills

Monday, May 9, 2016

Thing #14- Social Networks

Q1- Life Online

I was not able to do this quest due to the fact that I do not have permission to use the tools needed.

Q2- Social Networks in Society

When I took a short survey at this URL, I found that I am most like Will:

You may receive a letter like this when applying for a job or college. (minus the CHOPPED part (hehehe)) This is a list of the Rules of the Road for Kids mentioned in the letter:

  • Guard your privacy. What people know about you is up to you.

  • Protect your reputation. Self-reflect before you self-reveal. What’s funny or edgy today could cost you tomorrow.

  • Nothing is private online. Anything you say or do can be copied, pasted, and sent to gazillions of people without your permission.

  • Assume everyone is watching. There’s a huge, vast audience out there. If someone is your friend’s friend, they can see everything.

  • Apply the Golden Rule; if you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to someone else.

  • Choose wisely. Not all content is appropriate. You know what we mean.

  • Don't hide. Using anonymity to cloak your actions doesn’t turn you into a trustworthy, responsible human being.

  • Think about what you see. Just because it’s online doesn’t make it true.

  • Be smart, be safe. Not everyone is who they say they are. But you know that.

Q3- Consider This

"Your younger brother Robbie just got a new phone."

Robbie: Hey can you teach me how to use Snapchat?
You: Um, why?
Robbie: So that I can snap all my friends?...
You: But you have to be 13 and mom and dad have to approve
Robbie: I know I know I know, you don't have to tell!
You: Do you even know the dangers of snapchat?
Robbie, Dangers?
You: You can get in deep trouble with snap chat Robbie. Pictures can be screen shotted, edited, resent, among other things, and you never know who will see your things.
Robbie: But they get deleted in 10 seconds so that won't happen.
You: I have a friend named Samantha, she works with the police department and she digs up "deleted snaps" everyday! 
Robbie: That's not cool!
You: No it is not. And it gets worse. Another topic that is getting big with snapchat is sexting. Sending sexual images via snapchat. This can get you in BIG trouble and its not something that I want to get you into. So how about we hold on the snapchat?
Robbie: Sounds good to me!

Q4- Safe and Smart

The Do's and Don'ts of Social Networking

  • Don't publish info that identifies you
  • Choose strong and sensible passwords
  • Don't upload inappropriate pictures
  • Keep your privacy settings up to date
  • Don't give apps permission without verifying first
  • Be selective when adding friends
  • Don't use inappropriate language
  • Think before you click
  • Don't make your online presence all about you
  • Don't mix wall posts and personal messages
  • Use fully protected computers
likert scale

STATEMENT ONE:  Students should be at least 13 years of age to use social media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

STATEMENT TWO:  Parents should have knowledge of any social media site their children use, including access to the username and password.

STATEMENT THREE:  A social media contract is a good way for parents to set guidelines for social media use by their children.

I personally would chose in order, 8, 10, 6. 

I chose these numbers because I think that a person using social media should be mature but if younger (13+) I think their parents should know to keep their child safe from themselves and other people. I also think that some social media contracts don't set a high enough standard which is why I chose a 6.

Here is a poster I made using Canva for my Social Media Contract. 

Thing #13- Dig the Data Part 2

Q6- Spin Out

Using an online spinner tool, I was able to make a spreadsheet marking the data recorded. As seen below:

Q7- Hungry Mungry

Today we will be putting in a spreadsheet and graphing the data recorded from the food that a boy named Mungry ingests.

To the Health Advisory,

I believe to be fact that Mungry is not eating the proper amount of food. As seen in the spreadsheet above he has eaten 266 portions of food. And might I add that it is not a balanced meal either. It mainly consists of meat and desserts. As seen the pie graph above, he could eat a more balance meal if he ate more vegetables and less meats and desserts. His portions are enough to feed about 100 people. 

From C. Marie

Q8- Whiskers

Using the following information:

I was able to make 2 box and whisker plots and answer the following questions:

  • A. How do the online plots compare to the ones you created on the number lines? They were a very close match

  • B. Why might they look different? Because I drew mine out, or maybe incorrect interpretation of data. 

  • C. Do they give you the same information?  Why or why not? Sometimes people change their minds and they think it might be closer to this amount and we are humans so we are not perfect.

  • D. What does the median tell you about the data collected? That most people like to talk in person but that also goes against the rest of the data. 

  • E. Why are Quartile 1 and Quartile 3 important? To see how reliable the data is. 

  • F. Which was more difficult to decide on:  Voice minutes or text messages? Why? Most likely voice minutes because text messages are recorded and it's easier to track while speech is harder to know how long it actually is taking you. 

I think that my family should purchase 900 voice minutes and 2000 text messages. I think that this would be smart for my family because we do have multiple devices, 3 of which call, and if you look at the short right whisker on the top chart, this makes for a higher percentage of reliable people are doing it. I also think we should get 2000 text messages because we have 7 devices, all of which text and my family texts a LOT everyday. OR we could be smart and get unlimited data... I mean um.

Q9- Changes over Time

 Can you understand what happened during the game?

Due to computer issues, I was not able to upload my line graph.

Q10- Sort it Out

During this quest, I had to sort a list of songs that was 200 minutes long and create a 30 minute long playlist. I sorted it by songs that I knew and common genres. 

First bit of songs in list:

This is the playlist that I created. Please notice my formulas at the bottom to easily know that my playlist was 30 minutes long.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thing #13- Dig the Data- Part 1

Q1- Basics

Using Google Spreadsheet, I was able to create this sample Party Planner for guests:

Click here to make your own.

Q2- Format, Insert and Merge

Watch this video to understand how I managed to upscale my previous spreadsheet to the one below. Quite the difference! Knowing these simple tools can help you so much to make your spreadsheets look so much more professional!

Q3- Formulas

Here is an amazing way to add cells (the number inside of them) quickly!

Q4- Charts

Here is another tool that helps you understand your information in a visual standpoint. Charts!

Hope you learned more about Google Sheets! -C. Marie

Thing #12- Interactives

Q1- Charting Your Course

Today we will be using Google Maps. This is an easy tool if you are going for a run or if you want to find the quickest route to get to your camping site! When you are looking for directions from point A to point B, click the blue arrow at the top of your screen. Then you will find a page similar to this one:

Today we will be finding a route from the Grande Canyon to Washington D.C.

As you can see below, it is a LONG drive!

According to Google Maps, it is a 33 hour drive! Or a 201 hour bike ride, 707 hour walk!

The best mode of transit in this case would be a car ride or if you can find one, an airplane. 

You can visit this website to find your absolute location. Click here
* Right-click (or on a mac control-click) on the marker for your  home.  Click on "What's here?" whatshere (2)
* the latitude and longitude coordinates are shown at the bottom next to a streetview image.  It will look something like (42.995643, -84.119769) and is referred to as your "absolute location."

For my privacy reasons I am not stating my latitude and longitude coordinates. 

I would like to visit Pictured Rocks National Monument. I think it would be fun because of how beautiful the rock formations look. It is a 7 or 8 hour drive from my home. The drive would not be terrible if we go through Wisconsin because I would get to see some of my friends. 

Q2- Interactive Investigator

Try playing Turtle Pond to practice your skills.

Here is an interactive that I made called Chicken Maze:

I found that the interactives at Interactive Sites for Education helped me with my music composition homework. I feel like it helped me understand how everything works together to make a whole piece. I think it also helped me to stay on beat and make something that I could be proud of. I would recommend this site because it is easy to use and child friendly. Along with music, it also may help with other school subjects. 

Q3- Interactive Study Tools

Here are some tools that are AMAZINGLY helpful for school that I totally recommend you use.


This is an amazing tool for spelling words.

This is a great link if you are stuck on a problem or you don't completely understand something and the teacher isn't around to help you! A must have link.

Wolfram Alpha is good for solving math problems along with giving you formulas, statistics, and almost anything you need for school is on this website it is AMAZING, and a definite must have.

Try using Summarize This for a tool to summarize speech too!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Thing #11- Powerful Presentations

Q1- Land of Prezi

You probably have been using PowerPoint since the beginning of time. Now introducing "THE FUN WAY TO PRESENT!" Prezi is an online tool that creates presentations in a non-linear format. That means you can zoom in and out, add animations, and much more! You can create an account and get started at!

Q2- Powerful Prezis

When making a Prezi remember these 5 tips:

1: make BIG what important and keep the details small
2: Keep words to a minimum and bullets are no use
3: Rotating is not fun and is not cool*
4: Overview is nice and fun
5: Tell a story!

*This is especially not fun for people who are prone to motion sickness (like my mom!)

Q3- Creating your Prezi

Using Prezi I created a presentation that has 10 facts about me! Here it is: