Monday, May 2, 2016

Thing #11- Powerful Presentations

Q1- Land of Prezi

You probably have been using PowerPoint since the beginning of time. Now introducing "THE FUN WAY TO PRESENT!" Prezi is an online tool that creates presentations in a non-linear format. That means you can zoom in and out, add animations, and much more! You can create an account and get started at!

Q2- Powerful Prezis

When making a Prezi remember these 5 tips:

1: make BIG what important and keep the details small
2: Keep words to a minimum and bullets are no use
3: Rotating is not fun and is not cool*
4: Overview is nice and fun
5: Tell a story!

*This is especially not fun for people who are prone to motion sickness (like my mom!)

Q3- Creating your Prezi

Using Prezi I created a presentation that has 10 facts about me! Here it is:

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