Friday, April 22, 2016

Thing #6- Cyber Safety Part 3- Stop the Bully

Q7- Cyberbullying

Click here for a very true video about cyberbullying. You can't face cyberbullying by yourself. Never do it alone.

Here are some situations that could happen to you which would be considered cyberbullying:

Someone at your school take a photo of you and edits it to make it 'funny' and shares it with the school.

What you should do: Tell a parent and teacher, let them know exactly who did and don't not tell anyone that it hurts you. 

You go on a chat room on your favorite game and you find that people are getting yelled at by one specific person.

On most chats there is an option to report a chatter. Chances are, other people are reporting that person too, and that report will go to someone like a chat monitor which can block the person from chatting. 

You receive flaming text messages from someone that you thought was friend. 

Tell an adult. Don't tolerate it. There longer you keep it a secret the longer it will go on because you can't do it alone. 

Here is a video I found on Facebook that I think goes along with what is being said here. The cause and effect of what can happen during cyberbullying.

Q8- Nobody Likes a Bully

All bullying is a lose lose situation. The person that is getting bullied gets hurt, and the person who is the bully was usually hurt as well before the bullying even started. The psychology of bullying is this: hurt people hurt people. In a nutshell, this means that people want to feel power or like they are in control so when they are hurt they feel helpless so they hurt other people so that they have that same rush of adrenaline as they did before.

Q9- Webonauts Academy

Take this quiz/game to see if you can graduate!

I hope you had fun learning about CyberSafety!

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