Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thing #3 Cloud Initiation

Q1- What is the Cloud?

The Cloud can help me in many different ways with my schoolwork. Because the cloud stores documents that can be accessed anywhere at anytime, I can do my schoolwork wherever and whenever! Through my homeschooling partnership we use a program called Google Classroom to organize our classes, receive and send back homework, and contact teachers all on one format. I know this program uses the cloud because there was no download, it uses Internet, automatically saves things, and I can access my schoolwork from more than one device. A couple years ago we did not use Google Classroom so my mom would have us write essays among other things in Microsoft Word. I loved using Word because I was familiar with the layout and setup but once I saw how easy it was accessing all my documents I used Google Docs more and more. In programs like Microsoft Word you can only access your documents on that computer and if you don't save it then you have lost everything. I like using the cloud because I can easily access all my documents on multiple devices and all my work is saved automatically.

Q2- Investigating Diigo

This cloud based program can help you easily bookmark websites that can be accessed from any device and also have the option to highlight on any website as well as add a sticky note. Here is a picture of my Diigo homepage:

This account is free and easy to set up. And all of you bookmarks can be shared easily to another Diigo account or an email!

Q4- Webmix

A website named  is a another website to help save bookmarks, here is a "webmix" of webisites all about chickens!
An account is free and you can have different webmixes for different subjects. This would be a good website to keep as a home page for your computer to easily access all of your commonly used sites. 

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