Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thing #12- Interactives

Q1- Charting Your Course

Today we will be using Google Maps. This is an easy tool if you are going for a run or if you want to find the quickest route to get to your camping site! When you are looking for directions from point A to point B, click the blue arrow at the top of your screen. Then you will find a page similar to this one:

Today we will be finding a route from the Grande Canyon to Washington D.C.

As you can see below, it is a LONG drive!

According to Google Maps, it is a 33 hour drive! Or a 201 hour bike ride, 707 hour walk!

The best mode of transit in this case would be a car ride or if you can find one, an airplane. 

You can visit this website to find your absolute location. Click here
* Right-click (or on a mac control-click) on the marker for your  home.  Click on "What's here?" whatshere (2)
* the latitude and longitude coordinates are shown at the bottom next to a streetview image.  It will look something like (42.995643, -84.119769) and is referred to as your "absolute location."

For my privacy reasons I am not stating my latitude and longitude coordinates. 

I would like to visit Pictured Rocks National Monument. I think it would be fun because of how beautiful the rock formations look. It is a 7 or 8 hour drive from my home. The drive would not be terrible if we go through Wisconsin because I would get to see some of my friends. 

Q2- Interactive Investigator

Try playing Turtle Pond to practice your skills.

Here is an interactive that I made called Chicken Maze:

I found that the interactives at Interactive Sites for Education helped me with my music composition homework. I feel like it helped me understand how everything works together to make a whole piece. I think it also helped me to stay on beat and make something that I could be proud of. I would recommend this site because it is easy to use and child friendly. Along with music, it also may help with other school subjects. 

Q3- Interactive Study Tools

Here are some tools that are AMAZINGLY helpful for school that I totally recommend you use.

Quizlet- https://quizlet.com/

This is an amazing tool for spelling words.

This is a great link if you are stuck on a problem or you don't completely understand something and the teacher isn't around to help you! A must have link.

Wolfram Alpha is good for solving math problems along with giving you formulas, statistics, and almost anything you need for school is on this website it is AMAZING, and a definite must have.

Try using Summarize This for a tool to summarize speech too!

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