Monday, May 9, 2016

Thing #13- Dig the Data Part 2

Q6- Spin Out

Using an online spinner tool, I was able to make a spreadsheet marking the data recorded. As seen below:

Q7- Hungry Mungry

Today we will be putting in a spreadsheet and graphing the data recorded from the food that a boy named Mungry ingests.

To the Health Advisory,

I believe to be fact that Mungry is not eating the proper amount of food. As seen in the spreadsheet above he has eaten 266 portions of food. And might I add that it is not a balanced meal either. It mainly consists of meat and desserts. As seen the pie graph above, he could eat a more balance meal if he ate more vegetables and less meats and desserts. His portions are enough to feed about 100 people. 

From C. Marie

Q8- Whiskers

Using the following information:

I was able to make 2 box and whisker plots and answer the following questions:

  • A. How do the online plots compare to the ones you created on the number lines? They were a very close match

  • B. Why might they look different? Because I drew mine out, or maybe incorrect interpretation of data. 

  • C. Do they give you the same information?  Why or why not? Sometimes people change their minds and they think it might be closer to this amount and we are humans so we are not perfect.

  • D. What does the median tell you about the data collected? That most people like to talk in person but that also goes against the rest of the data. 

  • E. Why are Quartile 1 and Quartile 3 important? To see how reliable the data is. 

  • F. Which was more difficult to decide on:  Voice minutes or text messages? Why? Most likely voice minutes because text messages are recorded and it's easier to track while speech is harder to know how long it actually is taking you. 

I think that my family should purchase 900 voice minutes and 2000 text messages. I think that this would be smart for my family because we do have multiple devices, 3 of which call, and if you look at the short right whisker on the top chart, this makes for a higher percentage of reliable people are doing it. I also think we should get 2000 text messages because we have 7 devices, all of which text and my family texts a LOT everyday. OR we could be smart and get unlimited data... I mean um.

Q9- Changes over Time

 Can you understand what happened during the game?

Due to computer issues, I was not able to upload my line graph.

Q10- Sort it Out

During this quest, I had to sort a list of songs that was 200 minutes long and create a 30 minute long playlist. I sorted it by songs that I knew and common genres. 

First bit of songs in list:

This is the playlist that I created. Please notice my formulas at the bottom to easily know that my playlist was 30 minutes long.

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